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17th September 2019

  • What’s Wrong With This Picture?

    Oddie looks strange! Figure out what’s different about the Sweet Ringy Thingie and you could win some Rox! Look at this. Oddie looks really strange!

    Comment below and tell me what’s different about Oddie. A few of you will get some Random Rox!

    Keep your eyes at hand...

    Roary Scrawl

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    1. The icing on Oddie is chocolate/brown instead of being the usual pink.
    1. oddie is usually pink but now he is brown like chocolate so that is what is wrong with him
    1. oddie is usually pink but instead he is brown like chocholate
    1. his icing is a different coulor
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    1. the icing is normally pink???
    1. He is chocolate intead of strawberry
    1. yo spysupreme is one of my best friends
    1. his iceing is meant to be pink not brown x
    1. His icing is supposed to be pink,not brown,strawberry ,I think,not chocolate!
    1. He has the wrong coloured icing
    1. Hi the icing is brown instead of pink ����
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    1. its suposed to be strawberry flavour not chocolate
    1. it is the frosting it is meant to be pink not brown
    1. Odie should be pink
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    1. His frosting/ icing is a different color! Usually it's pink, but now its brown!
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    1. Oddies's icing is chocolate (brown) not strawberry (pink).
    1. The colours are wrong it's supposed to be pink icing
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    1. the donut has chocolate topping except of pink topping i think
    1. hi. oddie's icing is choclate.
    1. his icing is choclate
    1. Oddie is supposed to be pink, not brown.
    1. He has different colored icing.
    1. The icing
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    1. The glaze on oddie is brown while his original has a pink glaze instead of a brown one. pls!!! let me win
    1. oddie has a brown glaze while his original has a pink glaze pls let me win
    1. its his frosting, its supposed to be pink
    1. his frosting is supposed to be pink
    1. he has chocolate frosting instead of pink
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    1. it's his frosting it is brown when it must be pink
    1. Oddie's icing has changed from strawberry to chocolate