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22nd September 2019

  • Roarsome New Egg Hunt Series 1 Premium Trading Cards!

    Roarsome new trading cards! Did you know?...

    You can now hatch an ultra rare SUPER MOSHLING in the Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt Mobile game with the NEW premium trading cards!

    Each premium pack contains 1 GUARANTEED GOLDEN SPOON CARD so you can simply scan the card and get cracking! Each pack also contains 8 random trading cards, including 1 ULTRA RARE card! Use the cards to UNLOCK Moshlings, Rox, room items and more. Monsterific!

    Head over here to find out more!

    Roary Scrawl

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    1. who likes fall out boy?? or just bands in general? hey y'all let's be friends
    1. wowwwww i already completed the hunt btw
    1. where do i get the cards?
    1. These look so awesome, or should I say, ROARSOME!
    1. wow that is so cool
    1. yay, i can't wait to get some
    1. wow
    1. I want them
    1. I can't find them in the shops.
    1. peppermintpatty129 you want to be my friend in monshi monsters
    1. wow i am the first one to talk
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