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22nd October 2019

  • Print It: Gooperstar Room Sign

    Are you a Moshi Gooperstar? Let the world know with this fab room sign! Are you excited about Moshi Monsters: The Movie? I'm totally hyped! Now YOU can be a gooperstar just like Poppet and Katsuma! Simply print out this room sign, add your name and stick it to your bedroom door. ACTION!

    What's your favourite thing about your room? Comment below and tell me.

    Keep your eyes at hand...

    Roary Scrawl

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    1. cool
    1. I love squigglysun5's room. But, I can't wait for Twistmas time to be over so I can decorate it normally again. My Twistmas looks really good too. Hey, come see how my room looks! It looks good. Kinda. But it's plain, so yeah. When Main Street and that is normal again I will make squigglysun5's room normal again too.
    1. pawsome i wrote my name and i got it on my door
    1. Charlotte's Room
    1. Coooooooooool I've printed it already!
    1. my favorite part of my room are my books
    1. my favourite thing about my room is that i can be a super star just like i am in a movie.
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    1. I don't no if I'm gowin to do. This. Bicos. Of. The. Printer
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    1. OMG am I a Gooperstar
    1. so cute, i print it!
    1. Well, I'd have to say being able to sit comfortably and go on my iPod / read.
    1. Wow! Roary that look super cool!!!!
    1. I love my new Typo lanterns, they cast the most beautiful shadows and patterns on my blinds at night!
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    1. it has lots of fury coushons and blankets
    1. Full of moshi mags and figures and posters and oddie, nipper face cases 47 microw moshis take your path books an oddie,katsumer,super poppet teddy bears and micro theme park tree house and loads more.
    1. cool room poster
    1. Awesome
    1. my awesome windows and a catherine wheel are the best parts.
      Moshi Member!
    1. I like the idea.
    1. THATS AWSOME :)
    1. everything :)
    1. All my moshi posters and pictures on my wall and my moshi duvet cover and my moshi clay models (my can likes to chew)my moshi figures on my book shelf and bed side table (158 figures) my moshi pillows (one of every monster pillow my moshi PJ (3 PJ) my moshi clothes (too many to count) my two crazy cats (^..^) (cat face)like to sleep on my moshi jumper in my room I think it is there's now and all my moshi books on my books shelf and lots more
    1. I have a bunk bed.

      p.s i'm seeing moshi monsters: the movie twice!!!