The Daily Growl

17th September 2019

  • Are You A Ghost Pirate?

    It's Talk Like A Pirate Day ye landlubbers! Take a test to see if ye be a Ghost Pirate or a landlubber! Ahoy me hearties! Shiver me timbers, it's Talk Like A Pirate Day! Try out the test below to see if ye be a ghost pirate or a landlubber!

    What be yer results, arrrgh? Comment below and be tellin' me. Go aheadů It's not haaAARRGHd!

    Keep your eyes at hand...

    Roary Scrawl

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    1. a landlubber! really a person that stays on land I HATE LANDLUBERS!
    1. Who wears 3D glasses???
    1. I'm a landlubber. Phew, i'm so glad I am
    1. i'm a ghost pirate but what is a landlubber
    1. what is a landlubber anyway
    1. in am not a pirate. At least the land has internet acess!
    1. i'm a awesome ghost pirate
    1. landbubber
    1. i am a ghost pirate
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    1. both
    1. I HATE peas and who puts fish fingers in a paper hat????
      I don't even like fish fingers!!!
      I am a girl and don't have facial hair especially enchanted seaweed??!!!
      Who wears 3D glasses when your not in a cinema???
      So I guess I am a landlubber considering that I'm not a ghost or a pirate.
    1. im a ghost pirate whoo hoo
    1. if your a pirate wich i dought will happen then you have problems
    1. landlubber who want to keep fish under a hat it is a bit unusual
    1. I am a landlubber!
    1. am a landlubber lol
    1. laannndddlluubbeerr
    1. Landlubber
    1. Even though when I hate being a landlubber I still like this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. argh maytee we sell the shore all hands on deck
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    1. I am a land lubber
    1. land lubber
    1. Ahoy there ye mates Pirates Rule!
    1. I am a landlubber
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    1. Arr I'm a ghost pirate!!!!! ��������������������
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    1. im a ghoust
    1. i'm a ghost
    1. i am a land lubber!
    1. I am a landlubber