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23rd September 2019

  • REVEALED: Design A Moshling Winner!

    Find out who won the Design A Moshling 2013 contest and the runners up! The 2013 Design A Moshling Contest is over, but the fun is just about to begin! Today we announce the winning design which will be made into an ACTUAL MOSHLING!

    Congratulations to crocmonsieur2004 who has also won 500 worth of art supplies for their school, a hand-drawn illustration of the winning Moshling framed and signed by Mr. Moshi and a bag of Moshi goodies. Sweet!

    Meet Pinestein the Joyful Juicy Brainiac, coming soon to your Moshling Zoo!

    Next, the runners up! Each of these winners have won 500 worth of art supplies for their schools and a bag of Moshi goodies. Yippee!

    All of the entries (there were over 17 THOUSAND) were fangtastic! We loved the entries so much, that some of our favourites will be on display at The Strand Gallery in London in July. For info on how to get tickets to the event, click HERE.

    What do you think Pinestein's likes and dislikes are? Comment below and tell me your guesses!

    Keep your eyes at hand... And on right here on The Daily Growl, where you'll find more info including Pinestein's bio soon!

    Roary Scrawl

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    1. huh

      Just Get This Cotest Starteng
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      Moshi Member!
    1. likes:science and physics
      dislikes:monkeys because monkeys eat pineapples sometimes
    1. Leonardo Da Pinchi is so adorable!
    1. i think snookums is cute
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    1. barky is so cute
    1. waaaaaaaaaaaa i wish barky won
    1. anyone vote for princess fizz boom?
    1. Oh,I wished my sisters Dumply could have won.
      Moshi Member!
    1. aww i was hopeing Leonardo De Pinchi would win.
      Moshi Member!
    1. I love barky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. i entered the 2014 one. When do they announce the winner?
    1. i entered mine was Glitter
    1. i wish leonardo da pinchi won he is funny : ]
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    1. I entered
    1. i love barky
    1. leonardo da pinchi would have been funny i wish he won
      Moshi Member!
    1. i drew that
    1. I love contests like these! <3
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    1. MY-IS-PRINY
    1. this years winner is moon shine
    1. i have entered the 2014 contest
    1. my moshling is moshi
    1. i enterd barky
      Moshi Member!
    1. Daisy is a little cute moshling that like to make craft her dislikes are hiccups messes and getting hurt she would love to play with you very much.she lives in mountain of hearts.she loves eating biscuits and sweet lollies.her favourite drinks are slushies and juice.
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    1. I entered the 2014 one
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    1. i have 5 of them i'm entering i have bubley rock she loves the under ground disco and listening to rock music she pops when she hears reallly super high pitch noises
      her original name is vicky but shes a viking so she re named herself viky she always has a stick in her hand she likes the gurus and just to add she is a viking hat.
      he i sa really sleepy pillow and is always asleep.
      tickzzzy tock
      he is also like sleepo and can tell the time two ways either backwords or forwards but the bad thing is since he is always sleeping the time always is slower than its meant to be.
    1. ahhh i cant think of what to do for the 2014 one ive tried loads but none of them are good enough come on think think......
      Moshi Member!
    1. well done to 'crocmonsieur2004' and his design 'Pinestien.'
    1. i like it ,it is asome
      Moshi Member!