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17th October 2019

  • Holy Cow - Who's Frau Now BrownKau?

    This just in! It's brand new Frau Now BrownKau info skimmed straight from the Super Moshi archives. But first, can you tell which two Frau faces are exactly alike?

    Bio: Wanted in connection with gloop theft and Sandy Drain sabotage, Frau Now BrownKau is the menacing moo with friends in all the wrong places. Little is known about this former commandant of the Scary Dairy but rumour has it her udderly fearsome false teeth are a direct result of grazing on too many grassy gobstoppers back home in StrudelHofen when she was a calf.

    Likes: Grass goolash and her vintage MooCow 4000 Milk Float.

    Dislikes: Cattle grids and red rags.

    Comment on THIS blog with which two Frau faces are the same, and a few of you will get some Random Rox. Yesterday's Random Rox winners are 33banana, icyboxomega7, and kittypetlove10.

    P.S. Catch Poppet on 26th May at The Entertainer store in Winchester. She'll be appearing at regular intervals from 10am until 4pm.

    Keep your eyes at hand...

    Roary Scrawl

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    1. a and f
    1. its c and b
    1. C and B

      Thank's roary have a nice day!
    1. A and D are the correct answer!!!
      Moshi Member!
    1. C and B because of the purple earings match
    1. A and D
    1. Is C and F the same? They are both mouth - opened and have no spot on the cheek. My answer is C and F.
    1. b c
    1. A and D because they have both got beauty spots and blue earings!!!
    1. The awnsers are B And C!
      Moshi Member!
    1. B and C are the same.
    1. E because its the odd one out
      Moshi Member!
    1. a b!
    1. c and b
    1. A and D