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21st June 2018

  • CLONC - Baddie Roundup

    Series 2 of the Super Moshi Missions is right around the corner and to prepare, I thought it'd be a good idea to do a villain roundup. You know, so we can keep track of the baddies. First up, we have Dr. Strangeglove, the gloved menace!

    Dr. Strangeglove

    Dr. Strangeglove is a scientific genius and former Doctor of Moshlingology who served as a Sinister Minister in the gloomy days of the Glunge Age. Strangeglove developed a twisted hatred for Moshlings after a Musky Husky he was experimenting on mistook his hand for a packet of sausages and mangled it Ė thus the glove.

    The Glumps

    Bloopy, Podge, Fabio, Mustachio, Bruiser, Ned, Rocko, Fishlips, Squiff, Pirate Pong, Black Jack, and Freak Face are the Glumps - CLONC's terrible minions. Watch your back because these brainless orbs of evil will wreak havoc on Monstro City! And whatever you do, beware of their super gooptastic moves like the Triple Tooth Terrorbite and Scowling ScrimScrams.

    Sweet Tooth

    As a leading member of C.L.O.N.C, this deliciously evil candy criminal never goes anywhere without a big bag of tooth-rotting treats and a Hypno Blaster lollipop. But is Sweet Tooth a he or a she? Who knows because the last monster to ask is still in moshpital, wearing a gobstopper!

    Sprockett & Hubbs

    Accident-prone creators of some of C.L.O.N.C.ís most dastardly contraptions (including various Glumping machines), Sprockett and Hubbs are the untrustworthy robotic duo who canít stop squabbling. Hubbs is the hyperactive little bubblehead inventor who canít stop babbling on about oil cocktails and circuitboard sandwiches whilst flitting around on his rollerball. Maybe he has a screw loose? Sprockett is the serious lunk with a short fuse who seems to think heís the brains behind S&H Industries.


    Sneaky, sly and shifty may be on Dr. Strangeglove's calling card, but he chose a perfect substitute by dressing his Glumps as Headmaster of Super Moshiversity. Mustachio's charming good looks and perfectly groomed Mustache may have fooled the Super Moshis for a while, but he was sure to be found out when they cracked the case.

    Now that we have all the ooey gooey baddie info in one place, let's try to guess what kinds of EVIL they'll come up with in Series 2. Comment on THIS blog with your ideas and a few of you will get some Random Rox. Yesterday's Random Rox recipients are daisypink02, creamy029, and themadscientist.

    Keep your eyes at hand...

    Roary Scrawl

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    1. I laughed to when I found out what his real name was :P
      Moshi Member!
    1. I was laghing when i herd that Lavender is strange gloves name
    1. ello i like yo blog
      Moshi Member!
    1. Simon growl has the same initial as Doctor Strangeglove!
      Moshi Member!
    1. two words: simon growl
    1. did you know that CLONC stands for criminal league of naughty critters
    1. they might tell us who C.L.O.N.CS
    1. the head master is moustachio my favourite one is sweet tooth you forgotten big chief tiny head
    1. i think the guy behind the chair is strabglegloves dad/mother or his twin someone who starts with S.G Simon Growl Strange Glove I dunno
      Moshi Member!
    1. mr brown has a blak hat hes big and he has a big eye for his head and he has a dark purple jaket and he has a hamer he has an army of evil robots and he has dark blue troursers
      Moshi Member!
    1. strangeglove rulz , not
      Moshi Member!
    1. All i need to know is whitch of these charictors are a member......

      big shief tiny head
      firt officer ooze
      Moshi Member!
    1. Has anyone managed to create a cocktail that big chief tiny head actually likes as this seems to be the only way to get the epic. If so what combo did you use
    1. hi can you make a free trial membership again please i will do anything for you to make a membership trial code
    1. all i need to know is which of these characters are a member .....

      first officer ooze
      bushly fandago
      big chief tiny head
      please give me an answer to any monster please and thanx
    1. sassafras is in clonc to
      Moshi Member!
    1. Dr.Strange Glove might try to turn the world into darkness!!!
    1. we should defeet hin for ever and capchure him
      Guest Avatar
      Moshi Member!
    1. hi c.l.o.n.c is sooooooooooooo cool even though im on the good side
    1. *CROSSES FINGERS * please make sweet tooth a girl plxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx! she the best CHARACTER EVER! PLZ GIVE MU CHARACTER A MAKEOVER ME MAKE ME BE SWEET TOOTH PLXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    1. moshimonsters is so cooooollllllllllllllllll
      Moshi Member!
    1. Dr.Strangeglove is really Lavender Troggs.
    1. I like C.L.O.N.C I don't now why we can't live in peace and harmony with C.L.O.N.C don't call me a hippie for saying that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. Spocket and Hubbs are no longer with C.L.O.N.C because they got booted from the scare force one.
    1. Who is the leader of C.L.O.N.C? We all know now that it is not Dr.Strangeglove and we know know how Dr.Strangeglove lost his hand. But who is behind C.L.O.N.C?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!/!?!?
    1. dr. strangeglove, why are you turing moshlings into glumps
      Moshi Member!
    1. hey!sprockett and hubbs are not in clonc anymore!remember in mission 3,bungle in the jungle?
    1. well who is he then

      the leader of clonc
      Moshi Member!
    1. i cant beleve elder furi was gone for that long and now he is back it was such a shame that he was gone for that long its greate that he is back
      Moshi Member!