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18th September 2019

  • Design A Moshling Contest

    You can find the current Design A Moshling contest by clicking here.

    Keep your eyes at hand...

    Roary Scrawl

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    1. The Contest is over OMG
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    1. who won
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    1. I love MOSHLINGS!!!!
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    1. I have a really good Moshling it is so cute it is a tiger named Cubby
    1. I entered into the competition just in time his name is seeder but I cant see him in the magazine or in the daily growl yet
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    1. Moshimonsters are the bestest thing in the wourld.
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    1. It IS aaaaammmmaaaaaaazzzzzzziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnngggggggggg
    1. Why no fair
      When did it start
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    1. OVER??????????????????? SO NOT FAIR
    1. DANG IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS OVER GRRRR
    1. Hi my name is purple43emerald and i am trying to get more friends on my friend tree so any out there can be my friend if they want to!
    1. man its over this took me 5 hours to make/draw/write :(
    1. I can believe this membership thing. like non-members should be able to do anything members can do like go to the underground disco and keep as many moshlings as we want in our rooms and be able to finish super mosh quests with no membership.

      My name is puppypark90210 and I say NO membership because non-members can have fun too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. my moshling is called hearty

      hope it wins

      good luck eveybody
    1. man im so sad i missed it wahhhhhhhhhhh ):
    1. OMG everyone i can't wait to see who won the constest keep looking at this website to see if you are published everyday
    1. My moshling is called Polly and she has a crush on Pinestein! LOL!
    1. I wonder who won
    1. omg i thought it was the 6 of july when it closes so i design my moshling like just then;
    1. mine was called duckle it was mixed between a duck and a turtle. he lived in a swamp. he really liked to play with his friends , and he hated to fly.
    1. mine is moshlings name is cheesy and cheesy like pizza, the other foodie's moshlings and likes reading the Moshi monsters magazine.
      cheesy dislikes carrots all healthy food except sludge she also hates the glumps
    1. Mine's called Bloommia and she uses magic when tapped.She likes cupcakes and fashion & dislikes Dr Strangeglove & his glumps.
    1. mine moshlings name is Coral and when you tap on her she drops other moshlings and anyone can get them even monsters who are not members
    1. My moshlings name is Coral she is a fish she likes cupcakes ice scream and people she hates sharks whales fire and the dark
    1. I have a question. how many are you allowed to submit?
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    1. cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    1. cool
    1. Mine is named Camila binspin its Zack Binspins's older sister! :)
    1. hmm good idea
    1. my moshlings name is smiles she likes red smiling lips she hates monsters and moshlings unhappy
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