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17th June 2019

  • Moshlings! Little Pets For Your Monster

    Ever seen a teeny-weeny monstery thing flit past your window? Heard funny squeaks, squelches, whooshes and woo-ooos in the back garden? If you have, it was probably a Moshling!

    But what?s a Moshling? And why do Moshi Monsters love collecting them? Sit back and I?ll explain.

    You won?t have spotted any of these kooky little creatures in Monstro City but they roam all over the world of Moshi, from Potion Ocean and Mount Sillimanjaro to the Bongo Bongo Jungle and the Candy Cane Caverns.

    Some Moshlings even live in a parallel vortex!

    There are fishy Moshlings, spooky Moshlings, birdy Moshlings, dino Moshlings, kitty Moshlings, ninja Moshlings?even gingerbread Moshlings. Crumbs!

    In fact Moshling-ologists have identified over 30 weird and wacky species, from Stunt Penguins and Silly Snufflers to Cheeky Chimps and Fancy Banshees. And there are more to come!

    Some are friendly, some are shy. Some are scary, some can fly. Some like sipping lukewarm coffee and brushing their teeth with sticky toffee. Others like doing the splits and marmalade with bits. Some are common, some are uncommon. Some are rare and some are ultra rare.

    Some even like pilchard popsicles. Yuck!

    The one thing all Moshlings dream about is living in a cozy home. And that?s just as well because Moshi Monsters love looking after them. Rumor has it these titchy critters bring good luck but most monsters just enjoy showing them off.

    So how does your monster get its mitts on a Moshling? Simple, by planting special seeds in your new garden. When the seeds become flowers, certain Moshlings will be unable to resist. If you don?t get lucky the first time, don?t worry. The Cluekoo will give you hints on how to find one.

    If you?re really lucky you could even make friends with an ultra rare Sweet Ringy Thingy Moshling. Yum!

    So don?t dilly-dally. Buy some seeds on Main Street when the new shop opens tomorrow. Plant them in your garden and see if you can tempt a little Moshling to come and live with you.
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    1. what is the blue\purple cute little birdy called
      Moshi Member!
    1. And Thus, Moshlings were born.
    1. Wow. 2013 comment also!
    1. how can I get a pet
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    1. 2013 comment!
      Moshi Member!
    1. hi little
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    1. anika3729. can u give me 5 moshlings pets please so they can live with me kastamu will love it please he alone think of moshi monsters
    1. iggy is so cute
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    1. I think we should get a new moshling called twicker
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    1. woa!!!!!they are awsome I've already got a roxy and I know you can definitly go to potion oceon and candy cane caves.
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    1. what is the plant for moshling in moshi monster
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    1. does any of you like stardoll and moshi monsters?
      try going on stardoll!
      SIGN UP!
      But remember: you have to be a superstar member.
      GOOD LUCK!
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    1. I want to get to level 3 but i can't my health is to low.How do i get health
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    1. I adore moshlings <3
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    1. That picture up there it is cool
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    1. i got roxy . i love moshimonsters
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    1. i love I.G.G.Y !!!!!!!!!!!
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    1. i dont know how ta do thiz but thanx anyway
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    1. i got iggy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    1. i love this peeps xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love yaaa
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    1. hi i am from 2011 the moshlings are so cool there will be a volcano with moshi missons for moshi mombers to get moshlings with no seeds! there will be two extra seeds for members at the port and there is a gift island
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    1. Moshi monsters is soooooooooooooooo cool i luv it my friend luvs it to
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    1. mr. snoddle is so addorable!!! =)
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    1. i love moshlings
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    1. how do u cure lady goo goo
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    1. they are sooooooooo cute i've got gingersnap and
      lady meowford! but i might get different ones!
      if you type in my name then go on my pinboard then you will see some secret codes you use on the login page! i've even put them in myself and got a few things!
      so try it!
      oh and dear moshlings you can come to mine because its nice and normal and cosy at the same time!
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    1. helo moshlings do tow off you wont to come to my houes if you do thats ok
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    1. this is toatale awsomwe thank god you helped me out with this stuff if you dident i wouldent even know what a garden was
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    1. I luv moshi monsters their so cute and have thier own dislike and like stuff..Igot the moshi monsters guide at school astic it was so cheap thankyou for creating moshi monsters
      Itold about it to my classmates and I made a lot of friends oh also my lover too

      Thankyou and I luv you moshi monsters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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