The Daily Growl

26th May 2019

  • Cap'n Buck Is Back!

    Cap'n Buck is back, and this time he's brought back new items from TV. TV!?!Remember the Moshi TV ad? Somehow Cap'n Buck was able to find the floor, wallpaper, door, & windows from the TV ad and bring them to Monstro City!

    I was lucky enough to catch him for a quick interview so I could find out more about these mysterious new items.

    RS: Hello Cap'n Buck! Welcome back to The Port. We're always glad to see ya!

    CB: 'tis good t' be aft. I`ve been at sea fer too long! Always good t' get off me sea legs.

    RS: So how in the world did you take the room items out of the TV Ad?? We're all dying to know!

    CB: I met a magical sea genie who granted me one wish. I had been watchin` TV an' saw th' Moshi ad an' I noticed that th' room on th' TV wasn`t anywheres in Monstro CIty!

    RS: So you wished for the "As Seen On TV Room!"

    CB: errr... nay, I asked fer unlimited wishes, but she spake that wasn`t allowed. So I wisht fer th' TV stuff instead 'cause 'twas th' first thing to come to me head.

    RS: Well I'm glad you wished for it. I can't wait to see the items!

    CB: I gotta go man th' ship so I can sell me stuff. Be seein' ye later!

    It's always great to see good ol' Cap'n Buck. He always has the craziest stories, doesn't he?

    If you don't have access to The Port, click here to find out how you can!

    Want to win a Random Rox prize? Comment on THIS blog and tell me what you'd wish for if you met a magical sea genie!

    Hurry over to The Port to buy Cap'n Buck's latest!

    Keep your eyes at hand... And on The Port!

    Roary Scrawl

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    1. i love cap'n buck
    1. RS is R ( Roary) S ( Scrawl)
      Moshi Member!
    1. i wish for world peace
    1. i wish i knew about moshi monsters then
      Moshi Member!
    1. i would wish to be the most faumous moshi in the UNIVERSE!
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    1. Hello! cegacab interesting cegacab site!
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    1. If I had a wish from the sea genie it would defanatly be 'I wish I had rox trees available for free in my house and reloded every 1 second' I wish that would come true.

      / . . /
      / ----- /
      Guest Avatar
    1. if i ever saw a sea Genie id wish 4 unlimited wishes then a laptop and 2 b a member and all the rest of the wishes i will use any other time i want :)
      U R SO COOL RORY ****** P.S and a sea genie is also pretty cool******
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    1. i wish every thing in moshi monsters you cane ever have.
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    1. i so so so so wish i was a moshi member but no you know how pearents are. :(
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    1. if i had three wishes it would be to:
      have a bigger house.
      more rox.
      to be a super moshi.
      Guest Avatar
    1. my first wish would be to hav a massive house
      my second would be to hav 1,000,000,000 rox
      my third wish would be to create your own moshling
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    1. CCOOOLL
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    1. when does the boat come
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    1. hi i am poiar1234 and i havf a sis tulap12 and i is she i 8 to day
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    1. di naman mag open ung akin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    1. i'd wish for everything
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    1. he has got the awesomest stuff oh my god a
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    1. I would wish for moshlings that looked like the beatles cos it wud be soooooooooooooooooo cool
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    1. I would wish that being a member was free
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    1. my BFFL (if u dont no wat it meanz best friend for life)Chloe to come back from albery
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    1. i think i would wish for everyone on moshi monsters too be happy !!!!
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    1. i wish that i wun i0000000000000000000 for 1 daly chaling
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    1. I would wish for a wishing machiene, then a HUGE house, free items and to be level 20!!!!!
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    1. i'd wish for 5 more wishes and then:
      i'd wish 4,
      1. to have a free moshi member thing
      2.more rox etc. 500 more.
      3.winning these things.
      4.being monstar of the week
      5. a peaceful life
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    1. i'd wish 4 more wishes, 1oooo,oooooo,ooooo rox and a huge house
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    1. poige
      Guest Avatar
    1. i would wish to either be a moshi member so i could get more moshlings or more rox totreat my pet like royalty oh or i wish i could win this LOL
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    1. Since your not aloud to wish for more wishes i'd wish to have a million rox and to be a moshi member.
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    1. yay i cant wait till i see the things captain buck got!
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