The Daily Growl

17th October 2019

  • Prank Time With Dewy!

    Do you ever get bored? I do! When I get bored I try to think of practical jokes to play on people. My target is my pal Moe Yukky from Yukea. Everything he does is so neat and organized. I think he needs a little somethin' to stir things up! What do you think?

    Hmmm... Maybe I should tie his shoestrings together! Nah, he'd never let me get away with that! I need your help!

    What kind of practical joke should I play on him? It has to be perfect. Not mean, but strictly funny. Comment on THIS blog and give me some ideas and a few of you will win a Random Rox prize!

    Yesterday's Random Rox winners are twilighter26, bubbles675, and 1madison1.


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    1. you should have him come over and you will give him a really spicy thing then give him milk in a dribble cup then give him a really gross drink then say PRANKED YAAAAA! <3 you hope you like my prank really!!!!!!!
    1. WHY DID YOU PRANK ME??????????
      did you prank me?
    1. put slime on his seat so when he sits his pants will be covered with green slime :D
    1. my trophy got took and my diamond thing i bought it made me cry :( and i lost my money and found a sign under my green cabinet thing and it said i got pranked
      Moshi Member!
    1. I know! Put a little gloop in his favorite pair of shoes! Then when he goes on his walk to work... SQUISH! SQUISH! SQUISH! HA HA HA HA HA!
    1. I think while some other guy is in the shop, steal all his goods and sell it in your shop!
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    1. you should take all his stuff
    1. hide his items or sell all his money and things a dodgy deal
    1. spray his house with silly spray!!!!!!!@!!!!!!!!!!@!!!!!!!!!!!@!!!!!!!!!!!@!
      Moshi Member!
    1. hide his items
    1. I got pranked today! It was supposed to be something really
      Moshi Member!
    1. mess the room up throw thing of the shelves
    1. put a bucket of goo in the register and when he opens it. it is explode in his face
    1. I think when Moe. Goes in his store a bucket of slop drops on him
    1. tell him a joke and then laugh at him cos make it be about him.

      add me
      you will love me keen for a chat any time especially right now im sooooooooooo board <3 love you
      :) :S
    1. ohoh what about put the slop on the trashcan suprise then put in on top of moeyukky'door then booya!
    1. you should draw a beard moustache and glasses with lip
      stick while he's asleep then the customers will keep laughing at him and making fun of him
    1. Give Moe a concrete flavored cake
      Moshi Member!
    1. put lots of gloop on the floor
      in his office

      from poppet1235922
    1. hide under his desk then when hes getting gange
      out suprise him with a pie in his face but get descised
      or chuck some water over his face then say prant yhu
      if he get's upset make a sorry card becarful because he might be pranking you.
    1. Maybe Dewy should cover a whoppee cushion with a pillow on Moe Yukky's chair! :))
    1. you can put a pie in he's face.kk
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    1. put a stink bomb in his shop
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    1. I think Dr. Strangeglove did it!!I think..
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    1. you should pour slop all over him
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    1. you should pelt him with moshlings then put a skateboard under him and see him roll away! ha ha ha ha ha!
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    1. Can there be more moshlings? everyone i know who goes on moshi monsters wants more moshlings i know that cause i'm 8
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    1. i think you should put glue on his cash till so when he tries to type something his fingers will get stuck
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    1. dear Ke moes headwy I think you should pour a howl on bucket of muck
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    1. I think You Should Poor Slop All Over The Store The Night Before!
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