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18th August 2019

  • Prank Time With Dewy!

    Do you ever get bored? I do! When I get bored I try to think of practical jokes to play on people. My target is my pal Moe Yukky from Yukea. Everything he does is so neat and organized. I think he needs a little somethin' to stir things up! What do you think?

    Hmmm... Maybe I should tie his shoestrings together! Nah, he'd never let me get away with that! I need your help!

    What kind of practical joke should I play on him? It has to be perfect. Not mean, but strictly funny. Comment on THIS blog and give me some ideas and a few of you will win a Random Rox prize!

    Yesterday's Random Rox winners are twilighter26, bubbles675, and 1madison1.


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    1. Ithink you should change the locks on his shop dorr so when he comes the next day and trys to open the store...he will panic and wont know hat the reason why his door wont open!
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    1. You should take all of his barfalona chairs and swing them in the shop, all of the barf will fall off, so it will be pretty messy, next you can rip appart some of his wallpapers, but not many, because if you rip many that would be mean.

      I think this is some of the best jokes, or maybe not:D


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    1. i think you should get a whoopie cushion and ask him to sit down on a chair and put the whoopie cushion on the chair just as he is sitting down
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    1. Send in a pretend elf and safety guy and tell Yukky that all of his stock is not scarry enough and that he needs to be shut down with immediate effect.

      Only for 10 minutes though as he might get upset.
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      A big bag
      a pair of gloves
      a pair of non squeky shoes
      a key to yukea
      STEP 1:
      Put in your glves and non squeaky shoes
      take you big bag with you!
      STEP 2 :
      Sneak in to yukea at exactly midnight using the yukea key
      STEP 3 :
      Place all the items in the shop in your big bag
      STEP 4:
      Take the bag with you leaving only a note on it saying 'To Moe yukky, come to the Diy Shop as soon as you get this note ' .
      STEP 5:
      When you get to the diy shop hide the items in the bag between all the items in the diy shop so they look as though the're supposed to be there
      STEP 6 :
      When you see Moe ariving hide !
      STEP 7 :
      When moe sees all the stuff jump out and shout booooooo !

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    1. while hes sleeping put his hand in a warm glass of water
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    1. hi dewy im zulekha and im the prankster in my house! i have got a classic that i do every day to my family! here it is! ok find a corner then stand right at the edge of it but dont let any one see you. when yukky comes walking shout BOO! at him you will make him scream his head of! his hair mite even flop up an thats real messy you will be laghing for days!
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    1. one day DJ QUACK and his best friend SOKKI-YAKI were arrested after a furriniturefood fight in the yukea . After arguing loudly, the best friend began throwing pillowyuk at each other. Eventually, DJ QUACK allegedly threw SOKKI-YAKI into several bedbug racks. As both continued to brawl on the floor, SOKKI-YAKI allegedly stuffed her hand into the dj quack mouth.
      --the end--

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    1. i think you should cover his chair in super stiky glue so when he sits down he gets stuk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    1. i think you could pretend you dont see the rock by an accident you throw him a pie and his cloths
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    1. i think u should make a big moddel of all his items broken so he thinks someone has broken them all but tell him later they are only fakes.

      it'll give him a big surprise
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    1. You could find a set of drawers in his shop and put loads of ping pong balls in it then put a bit of card on the top covering the open drawer put the drawer in upside down and all the ping pongs balls will fall on him and all over his shop!
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    1. 1.Well I think you should go inside his store when he isn't there and replace his really valuable things with really weird stuff all spread over the place so it looks really messy.

      Just incase you don't like the first one, I've got a second one!

      2. You could redecorate the parts of shop with colours that he doesn't like, also "accidently" drip some paint on his paperworks... hehehe
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    1. i reckon you should pretend to be the shop inspector and say that his store is just not up to standards. a neat freak like him will just go mad!
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    1. you now when the shop keepers always say we are good in buines today know one goes on moshi monsters hell be scared alone bye
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    1. You should put chewing gum in his shoes then while he is scraping it out of his shoes hide a stink bomb in his shop. Then some how bombard the doors so he will have to stand the smell until he finds the stink bomb
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    1. i think you should glue him to a chair
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    1. get one of yr friends 2 go 2 his shop and then when they get into his shop make them buy somthin and then they drop it and it goes all over then they say "sos can u pickthat up while i buy somthin else and when they go 2 bye somthin else they take somthin and walk out the shop with it under there shirt! (but in the end u give it back, and the thing they steal has to be about.......... 50 or 60 rox!)
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    1. dewy, i think you should just change the wall of his shop and paint them a ghost wuz here then then put some red on his shirt when you walk with him to his shop after that you should run away before he notice that you did it all for extra april fools just put a trap door under his shop when he opens the door he will fall and say the furi did that some times you can just go to the furi;s shop get some of his hair and put it all over the shop mess it up to
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    1. i think you should put cloud wallpaper all over his shop and put a moss carpet on the floor so when he walks in he will still think he is outside
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    1. Play all the classics on 'em! He'll get a kick outta them cos he knows they are pranks and it won't hurt his feelings. Like the hand shake with the buzzer and the whoopee cushion. Even the flower. You just some "customer" with a sense o' humor!
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    1. Paint his face pink!!! XD
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    1. Play all the classics on 'em! He'll get a kick outta them cos he knows they are pranks and it won't hurt his feelings. Like the hand shake with the buzzer and the whoopee cushion. Even the flower. You just some "customer" with a sense o' humor!
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    1. Hmm.. You should hack into his plumbing system so when he turns on any water in his shop, everything will be splatted with sewage.

      Yea, I think this is pretty mean..
      But it works.

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    1. stick a post-it on his back saying "tickle me!"
      it will be funny for everyone and everyone will end up giggling!!
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    1. put a bucket with green slime in it and hang it on the door. Put string at each end of the door. Put marbles next to his tidy shelves. When he arrives he will fall over and have slime on him. When he walks to the shelve he will knock over the shelves.
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    1. tie his eyestalks together!
      no, that would be too mean.
      wrap him in wallpaper!
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      1 tell all his friends and family there is a sale on.
      2 hide a whoopy cusion under his pillow
      3 and then when he sits down it will make a sound

      hope you enjoy catcrazy4's (and fuzzys) practical joke!
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    1. It isn't that mean but you should cover his floor in washable goo!!!!!
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    1. when a special meeting comes up put itching powder in his pants then put a parp alot remody in his drink so he looks silly infront of all the special monsters then put a bucket of slop on the door so when he walks through the door he gets slop all over him!!
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