The Daily Growl

22nd April 2018

  • New Houses!

    This is a HUGE day! A day for celebration, a day for cheers, a day for song! Know why? Because Monstro City's NEW HOUSES are here! The shop is on Ooh La Lane. Now you can buy additional rooms and styles for your monster's house!

    The new rooms are for Moshi Members only, but EVERYBODY wins because now everybody can see the outside of their house! Plus, getting to Monstro City is a whole lot easier. Just click the MAP in the bottom right corner of your screen (above your treasure chest icon). Clicking on the door will now take you to the outside view of your house. If you have more than one room, you can click which room to go to.

    Here's how to get a new room and style for your house.

    Step 1: Head over to Ooh La Lane and click on the New Houses shop.

    Step 2: Once you're there, click on Buy New Room to add a room. It'll say "room bought" once you've made your purchase.

    Step 3: Next, click Choose A Style For Your House. Pick which style you want, and click Buy New Style. Skip this step if you want to keep your house Moshi style.

    Step 4: Click Go To Your Room to return to the main floor of your house.

    Step 5: Click on your door to check out your new house style, and click on the upper level to go to your new room!

    Step 6: Decorate like crazy!

    Step 7: Relax with some Snale Ale and some Crispy Bat Wings and invite your friends over to check out your new abode.

    Other stuff you should know:

    - Your Moshlings will follow your monster from floor to floor. That's just their lovable nature!

    - To visit your Moshling Zoo, read My News, and click your Puzzle button, you'll have to return to the bottom floor.

    - Anybody can visit your extra rooms. To see someone else's house, just click on their door. You'll be able to see the outside of their house and visit each of their rooms.

    Comment on THIS blog and tell me which house YOU would pick and a few of you will win a Random Rox prize!

    Yesterday's Random Rox winners are tutu4039, fluffytail826, and dhooko.

    P.S. There are also a couple of new GIFTS over at Gift Island. Stay posted to The Daily Growl to find out more!

    Keep your eyes at hand...

    Roary Scrawl

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    1. by the way when ever i open tht store it says "No membership". cx
    1. i wish that without membership we could explore our houses
    1. i think to make it fair, non members should have at least a two level basic house :(
    1. how much do houses cost?
    1. i think to get every ones attention every day at a random time maybe even midnight put the houses for not members for about 15 min and you have to pay the price by not unlocking the very top floor so they have to be members to get it
    1. roary what happens if I buy a new house style when i already have a full skyscraper bought?
      Moshi Member!
    1. can non members have new homes for space
    1. TY!
    1. you can't get a new house if you're not a member though xxx
    1. that is it a bit sad as I am not a member on moshi monsters, However I think it will be good to look at over moshi houses!

    1. it not fair that the price goes up every time im only adding one room
      Moshi Member!
    1. the price of a floor goes up each room you buy.
      Moshi Member!
    1. thanks for teaching
    1. do u have to be a member?
    1. How do you get a new room without membership!
    1. how much does each floor cost?
      Moshi Member!
    1. I really want to have my own house but I don't know how to get one
      Guest Avatar
    1. Is there a way to get another floor when you are not a moshi member?
      Moshi Member!
    1. i love being a member there's so much to see and do and you can buy as many house as u want!!!!!!
    1. tree house
      Moshi Member!
    1. I like the pink palace because i am a pretty beautiful princess and when they see me they fall down (faint)

      Romeo and Juliet aren't they sweet
    1. can u have all the houses at the time
    1. i know
    1. what i dont see any new houses?
      Moshi Member!
    1. Wow !
    1. the tree house because it looks fun
      Moshi Member!
    1. Thanks for the awsume tips
    1. I luv new house they ROCK!!
    1. everyone come visit my home go to oddie2324
    1. how much dose it cost?
      Moshi Member!