The Daily Growl

18th August 2019

  • Team Dewy!

    Yo Moshi dudes and dudettes! As I'm sure you've heard by now, Tamara Tesla, the most beeeeautiful monster in Monstro City, is going on a Valentines Date with ME. Moe is tagging along too, so I need to figure out how I'm going to get Tamara on Team Dewy. Can you help me?

    I'm totally the best monster for Tamara. I'm the DIY guy, so I can fix anything! Plus, I have the oldest collection of Hammer Times in all of Monstro City. AND, who could resist my rugged good looks!?!

    I can't say anything bad about Moe Yukky, but I will say that he'd NEVER be able to build Tamara a new Moshling house for her prized Fishies collection like I could.

    How can I make Tamara realize I'm the best one for her? Comment on THIS blog and tell me what you think I should do, and a few of you will win a Random Rox prize.

    Feel free to campaign for Team Dewy over at the Moshi Forum. Who knows? Maybe Tamara will see it and realize I'm the best one for her!

    Friday's Random Rox winners are Cassie222000, puppyface5, and christmaschick22. Sunday's Random Rox winners are bedtime123, gkiarak, and 109jazzy. Well done!

    P.S. Roary will announce the Magic Mirror winner this week!

    P.S.S. This week's MonSTAR is yumyum345, and the Room of the Week belongs to mike47725. Well done!


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    1. Just be yourself and she will love you.
      You don't have to be someone else.
      Good Luck, and have grusomely grand time!
      Love, Kadeedle
      she will<3you!!!
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    1. team dewy definately
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    1. ummm..... the whole dewy thing was my idea........i didn't get any credit......... i commented in the blog, and i said that guy from DIY should go on teh date with her. WHy aren't I getting any credit?
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    1. I think you should build her something that she would LOVE.
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    1. you should give her a box of chocolates shaped like a love heart and go up to her with roses in your mouth!
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    1. Dewy not to be mean but i think you should tidy yourself up a bit and brush your fur and get new clothes because you look a little scruffy!
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    1. dewy you are a great guy and you are a perfect match with tamara telsa
      the perfect thing is bring her to a cinema and share a large bucket of pop rox together
      it is soo romantic!!!
      hope you get your girl DEWY
      you give girl moshis goosebumps
      good luck Dewy!!
      i love your shop and every day i go there!!!!!
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    1. we'll dewey give me all the updates on tamara..... kk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!................:):):).....LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
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    1. buld her a house for her moshlings
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    1. Hi ya Dewy you know what you should get her is something romantic like flowers,her favourite chocolates,an ultra rare moshling or go to the Port and have a romantic dinner.Before you kno it she'll kiss you and abracadabra!!!
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    1. compliment her with all you got
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    1. I think you should make something amazing with your diy skills. You should build a robot which is covered with hearts and love notes and then it begins to sing a song or read a poem. Then it says i love you in different langauges whilst bubbles shaped as hearts come out his mouth.
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    1. Flowers and chocolate will do the trick but if you want to go the extra mile be yourself and before the date take her on a romantic boat ride from the port to gift island and let her buy whatever she wants. You can also write her a poem about how much you love her and that you are right for her.
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    1. the best thing to do is just be yourself dude!
      maybe bring some flowers of chocolates (NOT IF SHES ON A DIET!!!) make her laugh and be yourself!
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    1. You should ask her on a date and if she says yes take her dancing and and show off the moves you have because i know you have a lot of good moves... so show off your moves and get the girl you want!
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    1. you should have a brill time after all u r the best well deserverd moshi monsters in monstro city and tamaracelsa is the luckyist monster in the history of monstro city

      ( . .)

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    1. Hi
      May i plz have the Magic Mirror......
      then i might get a few more friends,
      i don't have many.....
      So pick me Chrislus!!!!!!!!!!!
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    1. ok bring her roses say she is realy prity then get her a meal ( not slop snail ail oe cup o grool then put your arm around her and look in 2 her eye(s)
      try 2 make her feal important for about 6 munth and then (DONT RECK THIS) ask her 2 mary u on your neys left ney down make shewew the couler of the djewl is right or u blew it hope this helps c u later drew
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    1. think dewy should build her something out of the stuff in his diy store
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    1. act calm dress up give her a present from th D.I.Y. shop your self BE FRIENDLY! pay for th date and of course kiss her goodbye afterwards if it works. but also start with everyones advice NOW before the date and keep going a while after so she really knows that it is you.
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    1. you should act like your self because you are cool and funny
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    1. Ok this is what i think......

      1. Give her flowers
      2. and lots of sloplates (chocolates)
      3. Constlly smile at her
      4. Pull faces at Moe when Tamara is not looking
      5. Try to finsh it of with a kiss....

      TA DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    1. just be yourself
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    1. Block her away from Moe, say what ya say "Moe could never build a moshling pet house like I could for ya presious fishies!" "NEVER" Moe would be ofcourse OFFENDED and fight back out to get Tamara! But whatever ya shot back that's good for ya and bad for him, will let ya get her!
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    1. Gifts! A girl loves gifts. A goo ring or even some goo shoes! She will love that! wear your best outfit to look your best and make sure to bruths your teath first. Make sure you are clean all over and smell great! It will do the trick! Also bring her a bunch of flowers and some money(to buy drinks) and she will be really happy. And then she will be all yours!
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    1. first thing is ur cool and u deserves to win her hart to win her hart write her poem sying i lov u and other romantic stuff dress ur self up in a nice suit and try to say to her come and sit with me show off ur coolness make her fell like a strong hard helper who help people when they need fixing
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    1. take her for a walk on the port,
      buy her pink ice cream,
      catch her the rarest butterfly,
      tell her shes your dream

      or maybe skip the gloupy sloopy stuff and give her a 50% discount in the DIY ;)
      take her to the highstreet and buy buy buy buy buy!

      or if its unconditional,
      and shes not that kinda lady,
      be yourself around her
      just maybe, maybe, maybe

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    1. I think you should tell her how much you would do for her. Followed by some compliment (Making her blush will soften her up) Then bribe her with flowers and all that stuff girls like. (I bet Moe wouldnt do that for her)
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    1. i think u are much more fashionable and handsome so to win her over, just look yiur best, and act sweet.
      also, some flowers and chocolates wouldn't hurt!

      good luck,
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