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26th April 2018

  • 15 Million Monster Party - 100 Golden Ticket Giveaway!

    It's the 15 MILLION MONSTER PARTY in London. It's the most awesome event of 2010. Better than a RED carpet, we'll have a GREEN slimey carpet if we can find enough slime! It's not to be missed.

    MrMoshi is planning a HUMONGOUS party on Wednesday, March 24th at the London Aquarium to celebrate the 15 MILLION monsters that have been adopted in Monstro City. And, because we wouldn't be having this party if it weren't for all of YOU, we're giving away 100 Golden Tickets to Moshi's BIGGEST fans! The Golden Ticket admits YOU, one friend AND one parent or guardian. That's 3 of you together, at the coolest event of the 21st century.

    The Golden Ticket winners will win ACTUAL Golden Tickets that they can show off in their houses. No worries if you can't get to London, if you send us a "Moshi's Biggest Fan" photo, you could still win an exclusive aquarium for your room. We have HUNDREDS to give away!

    Ok, so you're in or very near London AND you're super excited AND you want a golden ticket (who wouldn't?) but how to enter? Here's how:
    1) Ask your parents if you can enter.

    2) Show us WHY you're MOSHI's BIGGEST FAN.

    3) Take a photo of your "I'm Moshi's BIGGEST FAN" artwork, poster, Trading Cards, essay, anything you can dream up that will convince MrMoshi to pick YOU. Your project should shout "ME! Pick me! I am Moshi's BIGGEST FAN!" and snap a photo of your project at or near a London landmark. Here are some ideas:
    * Wear a Moshi Mask in front of a London double-decker bus,
    * Hold a drawing of a Moshi Monster at a tube station,
    * Hold a sign that says, "I LUURVE Roary Scrawl!" (or Miss Pinky or Mr Moshi or any Moshi body) in front of the London Eye. Heh.
    * You or your parent or friend will think of something. We know how creative you are. Click the pic below to see bigger examples!

    4) SAVE your photo as your owner name, for instance, MissPinky's would be misspinky.jpg

    5) Email your photo to by March 10th

    Get A load of this... The London Aquarium party will feature:
    An Ice Cream Parlour, Toad Soda, Face Painting, Goodie Bags, Candy Floss, Games, real Moshi Monsters, Moshi staff, and celebs of all sorts. PLUS, the unveiling of the world premier NEW MOSHI MUSIC VIDEO and DANCE!

    Get creative and get going! MrMoshi needs all the time we can give him to choose 100 Golden Ticket Winners.

    We'll post our favorite photos right here in The Daily Growl. "But Roary," you say, "I don't live near London!" Well that's ok, because I'd love to see pictures from all over the WORLD! So go ahead, send us a "Moshi's Biggest Fan" photo from anywhere around the globe. Remember, we have HUNDREDS of exclusive aquariums to give away!

    Comment on THIS blog and tell me what one thing you'd love to see at the 15 Million Monster Party, and a few of you will win a Random Rox prize!

    Yesterday's Random Rox winners are angel5145, kcc753, and tacogirl2.

    1) You don't have to have your face in the picture. That's up to you and your parent(s). But maybe you WANT your face in the pic. In fact, maybe you want to include your whole family in the pic. Or, maybe you'd rather just submit a pic of your hand next to your creative project, or your foot next to a Moshi item? Just be sure to have your parents' permission and ask them to help you with this project. Your parent is invited to come to the party too!

    2) To be eligible to win a Golden Ticket, you must be able to bring a parent and provide your own transportation to London, England.

    3) You must follow all directions, so be sure to save your photo as YOUR OWNER NAME!

    Keep your eyes at hand...

    Roary Scrawl

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    1. hi every one i am so siked do you think that sould be the word of the
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    1. i'm moshi's biggest fan b-coz i jst totally think it's the best thing ever and i cum on moshi monsters every single day!!! lol bye bye ppl x x x
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    1. Cool i am a great fan but unfortunatly i cannot come!
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    1. hi
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    1. moshimonsters is the best game ive ever been on.ive been on this for 2 months it is one of the funnest games ive ever been on

      I LOVE MOSHIMONSTERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    1. i want a park at moshi monsters please and spook37 wants one to
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    1. i rreeeaaalllyyy want to win plzz giive me a golden tcket :)))))))))
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    1. moshling city is boss! and I mean it!
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    1. hiya every on im a moshi monster ha ha
      and please you can be my friends aslo i dont live near londen like 1 of my friends oh well i wish we could all have a aqureiam it sounds Kollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll bye bye every one
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    1. i Fancy one if those golden tickets
      if you were to just give me one i would be happy and there would be no fussing around
      I love Moslhings i think they are awsome and i hvae 12 and i am a memeber i have 2 rooms and a lovley scene around my house i have got lots of money send my best friends presents and i have loads of mates pick me please to have one of those golden tickets because i would love to get my hands on one and that would be amazing to do if you would just give me one of those tickets my speech i hope is going to be in the newspaper and i will be famous all over the world at the age of 10 please give me one of those golden tickets i do not have my own camera and our computer is dead i am doing this on a laptop.
      So that means that i cant download my picture so i think you should just give me that ticket and then i will not bother you any more and then you willl be happy to know that i dont live anywhere near london i live in ulverston and i will not travel to londen so if i win you will have to arrange it for somwhere close to me because thats how i want it to be
      please pick me thankyou
      sorry for the long message got carried away
      Isobells Blossom Bryson
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    1. it,s fun. and you get to by stuf.
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    1. hi omg i love your wole paper
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    1. i love moshis of course mines and my ftiends there are too cool
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    1. I want all of the beanie blobs and moshlings
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    1. my birthday is on the 28th April so please could I have a gift? here's a tip: touch your monster to tickle them it fills their happiness and they love it! my monster the apple head ( I don't know the real name for it ) luvis it when I tickle her and she is LUVLI!
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    1. moshimonsters is a very cool and nice game to play 4ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i will never stop playing!!!!!!!!!!
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    1. i lovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee moshimonsters~!!~!!!!! its the safest website to chat and have fun online!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would loveeeeee and aquarium and i would love to say that MOSHIMONSTERS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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      THANK YOU!

      LOVE RYAN(XZ21
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    1. heey i think im moshi's biggest fan because i love it , out of all the other gamin sities i think moshi monsters is the helps us learn maths and some times english, it sooooo sooooo fun i love moshi monsters so much i paid for my own membership so i could go to the port i use it every singal day if i can.

      love moshi monsters number one fan

      1# 1# 1# 1# 1# 1# 1# 1# x
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    1. it is so cool
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    1. Moshi Monsters ROCK ITS SO COOL N IF U GET BORED JUST GO ON IT N TRY 2 GET ON2 THE NEXT LEVL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    1. i would like to give a shout out to roseisthe1
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    1. love ya moshi monster
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    1. OMG
      tht is so wicked
      i would luv an aquarium in mii room !!
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    1. I AM MOSHI'S BIGGEST FAN! I PLAY ON IT NEARLY EVERY SINGLE DAY AND...I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    1. it is good
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    1. moshimonsters are so cool! i'm proud to have my moster! she's now on level 11! her dress is so cool also her room! check it out ! thank you mind candy for creating a very very cool game just like moshimonsters i really enjoy playing it!
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    1. you should put them all over moshi monsters

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    1. i love josh so much do u still but i love him
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