The Daily Growl

26th May 2019

  • Cap'n Buck Returns From Candy Shoals

    Cap'n Buck is BACK! And he looks a little WHACK! He's a bit... Sticky! I snapped a photo of him so you can see what I mean.

    I found him up there and it was raining candy wrappers. I yelled up at him,

    RS: HELLLLOOOOOOOOO Cap'n Buck! Looks like you're munchin' on some sweets! Where have you been?

    CB: Yes, I been eatin' lots o' sweets. I came from Candy Shoals which be way far away nom nom.

    RS: Candy Shoals, wow! What was your favorite thing about it?

    CB: Aye, th' marshmallow waterfall an' th' Grape Gloop Geyser fer sure! I stayed thar fer 2 tides eatin' nothin' but SUGAR an' now I canna be seein' straight!

    RS: We're all DYING to know... What did you bring back?!?

    CB: I canna tell ye everythin', but I will tell ye this. Thar be Marshmallow Pillows, a Lollipop Lady, an' a Cookie Stacker!

    RS: Amazing! I think my new office could definitely use a Marshmallow Pillow so I can nap... I mean, be more comfy at work!

    CB: Gotta go man th' ship... Come an' buy me booty before I set sail again!

    RS: Thanks Cap'n Buck!

    We all know Cap'n Buck doesn't listen to anybody... but if you could ask him to go ANYWHERE, and bring back ANY kind of treasure, where would he go and what would be bring back? Comment in THIS blog with your wildest, wackiest ideas and a few of you will win a Random Rox prize!

    Yesterday's Random Rox winners are missjanuary17, rebma0819, and blissfulme.

    Keep your eyes at hand... Oh yeah, and here's another early Hey Moshi dance entry for your viewing enjoyment:

    Roary Scrawl

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    1. how do i get to captan buck boat!
      Moshi Member!
    1. kit would be cool if i had loads of sweets stuffed in my mouth and you didnt need to brush your teeth
    1. wats the dustin bever code
    1. WOW
      captain buck should go to chcolate land( where ever that is!!) and bring back heaps and heaps and heaps of chocolate.....PLEASE MAKE THE CHOCOLATE HAVE NO NUTS IN IT! he would bring back so much chocolate that every moshi monster would be sick for weeks becuase they ate so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so SO MUCH CHOCO LATE!!!!
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    1. bubble bath bay
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    1. I think he should go to rich land and bring back
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    1. katsuma island only katsumas could go and he would bring things only for katsumas but he can come becuz hes sooooooooooooo nice
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    1. i would want captin buck to go to pizza land and bring me back an access card for me to go there
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    1. me 2
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    1. He might be going to Candy & Sweets Land to buy some cool, new and seewt candy to share with every monster in monstro city!
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    1. he would go to soda land and bring back an a limmeted supluy of toad soda.
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    1. O gosh!I would love to go to somewhere with a marshmellow waterfall!I wonder if cap'n buck would take me???Roary if you can find him wold you tell him

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    1. can capten buck to to rox land and bring back 5000 rox each
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    1. can captan buck go to the moon and bring back some chease
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    1. the stuff he brought back looks and sounds candylicious! mmmmm
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    1. Its pretty obvious, he gos to candy island and brings back furniture sweet wrappers.
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    1. Buck should go to the World of Candyfloss and bring back all sorts of wild and wacky flavours like
      Mustard Dream,
      Blueberry Swirl,
      and Tasty Treasure!
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    1. if i could tell cap'n Buck where to go i would tell him to go to the future forest and bring back some awsome future furniture like anti gravity seats, anti gravity televisions ,anti graviy EVERY- THING!!!
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    1. He should go to to Bookland and bring back loads of books!!
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    1. well when is captin buck going to be back again
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    1. If i could ask Captain Buck to go somewhere, I would ask him to go to rox island and bring back rox trees and more rox things and to plant rox plants in our moshling garden. It would be great!
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    1. I think that buck should go to hip hop lolliepop land
      and bring back hip hop lolliepops and brake dancing bannas for a healthy snack!
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    1. captin, you rock, your a fine sailor & and a fine hunter, i couldent find someone else blunter!
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    1. I think a ginger-bread wallpaper, a dancing teddy bear to put in you room, and sweets shapes like moshlings.
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    1. Captain Buck should visit Jules Undersea Lodge where he could bring back lost treasure from the sea.
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    1. you know he should bring back chocolate coins
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    1. i think you should bring a pirate ship MONSTER HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    1. i am not i memmber but i am gilbertp97 and i also wont him 2 have lods of doctor who items because doctor who is the 3rd best thing in the world 1st famliy and friends second moshi and 3rd doctor who wich is your favorote doctor my is the 11 gilbertp97 is the 10
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