The Daily Growl

22nd April 2018

  • The Dodgy Dealer: What's The Deal?

    The raspy voice, the ominous trench coat, the unusual horns on the wall? The Dodgy Dealer is certainly one of the most mysterious shopkeepers in Monstro City. Today I aim to find out what the deal is with the Dodgy Dealer.

    I know only a few things about him. I know his name is Sly Chance and he's originally from The Shifty Shack Sandbar. Other than that, his story is a complete mystery. This is where YOU come in. What do YOU think the deal is on The Dodgy Dealer?

    Write a VERY short bio of Sly Chance, the Dodgy Dealer and include:

    * His likes
    * His dislikes
    * A short bio which explains why he came to Monstro City

    Comment on THIS blog with your answers and the most creative entry will win a MASSIVE sized Rox prize. Ready, set, GOOOOO!

    Yesterday's Random Rox winners are powman146, holly1277, and lac2054.

    Keep your eyes at hand...

    Roary Scrawl

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    1. Name: Sly Chance
      Likes: Rox
      Dislikes: Loosing Poker games
      HE came to monstro city because he lost a poker game and ows a lot of items. He is currently in hiding, and trying to trade with monsters to become rich.
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    1. Name; Sly Chance

      Nickname:Dodgy Dealer

      Likes: Old vintage hats, playing cards, undercover detective gear, and bargining with moshis

      Dislikes: Rainbows, bug guts, losing bargins, and pumpkin soup (for halloween)

      Why he came to Monstro City: Because he got offered a job as a pro barginer in Hollywood when he was making his number one single ' dodgy records' but it didn't work out. So he had a future as earing money as becoming Dodgy Dealer....
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    1. Name : Sly Chance
      Likes : His Rat Friend Dodgy and getting furniture and his hat.
      Dislikes : People getting his money and his view (because his hat is in the way)

      He love Wining people that sell rainbow portrids that is why he came to monstro city he lost his rainbow picture and he fowned simon growls old house (Luck he didnt choose the fam chack) he hides alll the stuff he sells in a closet and then gives it to all the shops.

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    1. he likes cats,cards,happy fases,ROX,moreROX,horns,darts,wristwatches and notes.
      he dislikes the sun, the OUTDOORS,being suprised,having no ROX,Slop, Moshi owners getting 100%
      He came to Monstro City to have his reveng on ........!
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    1. He likes buying furniture
      He hates giving people good deals
      He came to monstro city to buy many peices of furniture!!!
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    1. name: sly chance

      Likes: his pet rats,his hat,his watches,taking peoples unwanted things and getting it most of what it is worth
      Dislikes: monsters getting more then 50% of their rox back, reindeer, people seeing his eyes, smelly monsters and taking baths!!!!!
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    1. He likes his pet mouse and dislikes anything with cats in it he came to monstro city hoping for a bright future but found him self out of rox and into gambing after he got over those troubles he had a brilliant idea why not a place where monsters can sell there stuff so he opened his hut up and the customers now strut up! :]
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    1. Name: Sly Chance

      Gender: Male

      Likes: Money, Full Wallets, Sushi, Customers who don't Complain, Army Trench Coats and Strange Horns that Go On Walls

      Dislikes: Customers who Complain, Mashed Potato, Carrots, Empty Wallets, Un-wrapped Sushi Rolls

      Why He Came to Monstro City: At his home land, Shifty Shack Sandbar, the whole TOWN is full of Dealers so Sly thought he would come here to get a better deal in everything!
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    1. I think Sly Chance is collector. He collects all the things that get sold to him. He dislikes being in crowds
      and generally around other moshi's. He is an orphan and all his life he has been looking for nice place to stay. Until he came to Monstro City! He has decided to stay here, but you never know, he might decide to go on a holiday someday. I think he is an interesting and mysterious character in Monstro City, and surprisingly, I never want to leave.
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    1. Name: Sly Chance
      Likes: Hats, sunglasses, Dodgy his pet mutant mouse and a secret *whispers* he likes flowers....he just doesnt want to ruin his 'Cool' outlook...
      Dislikes: Overly friendly monsters, the sun and
      Why he came to Monstro City: He took part in the Moshi Card Tournement and won, he loved to gamble and risk take so he came here to make a living on what he loves..(shhh! dont tell him i said that!)
      Hobbies: Poker, cards,
      Appearance: Green, shady looking, hat and sunglasses
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    1. He Lovesss Lot's of ROX!!!!
      and he dislikes paying a lot of money to the people who go there.
      He came because thre is millons of people in monstro City!
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    1. comment 1 he does not like it when you take a chance and you get 100 %

      comment 2. He likes the best stuff you sell

      His name. Sly chance

      comment 3. I reckon he is hiding something under his jacket

      comment 4. Likes when you take a chance and get 10 %
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    1. There once was a man called Sly
      His last name was Chance (doesn't ryme)
      He hated to his feet all soggy
      But he liked to make lots of money
      So he sold all his things
      And popped on train
      And ended up in Monstro City
      So then he bought the dodey deal shak
      So he could get all his lost things back.
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    1. Sly Chance came to Monstro City because over at the Shifty Shack Sand Bar he gave Scar Face Black from Killers Creek a really dodgey deal. So now he is wanted over there. He came to Monstro City in hiding. He chose it because he looks like the other shop keepers and will blend in with all the other monsters. And that is why he is at the end of sludge street hiding just in case.

      He likes: he looooves to take monsters fabulous items and pay as little as he can slyly get away with!

      He dislikes: giving away a large rox payment back. Cause he loooves to make a big prophet!

      thx bye!
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    1. He likes: Making deals with cards
      Dislikes: When we get 100%
      Why he came to Monstron City: He owes a guy money back where he came from so he is getting all our items and giving them to the guy.
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    1. likes:to give you 40% to take your own awesome stuff!!!
      dislikes: buy his own stuff to make hhim look cool!!
      why he came here: he came here because lots of people own a moshi monster and when they don't want to have their old stuff he gives you 40% off
      name: sly chance nick name: dodgey dealer
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    1. Sly Chance liked tennis and poker. He belonged to a poker club and wasn't always lurking near dark corners. He once long ago won a huge amout of money, he had the life of royalty. His most prized possesion was his diamond ring he wore when playing poker, it made him feel lucky.
      But one day when he was playing tennis and his ring was in his study, burgalurs came, stole his ring and burnt his palace to a crisp. Sly chance was devastated, everything he had was gone, and so he came to Monstro City to make his fortune...
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    1. Name: Sly chance
      Likes: His pet ratty, His cloak, Hiding away and being independent.
      Dislikes: 100% cards, his sister (a flower shop owner), Kittens and tennis.
      He came to monstro city beacuse he was broke and wanted to cheat other monsters for money so he could buy a manshion in sloppy-lane to spend his life.
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    1. "Hi my name is Sly Chance, I own Dodgy Deals. I weren't always like this y'know, all the dark street corners, persuading people with cheesy words an getting profit for myself. I used to be part of a poker club. By the way I absolutely love poker! I won too aswell! I got a big amount of money, a great big heap of notes-all for me... Aaah those were the days, anyway when I got this money I spent it on palaces, buying big pieces of land, I had servants and butlers, champagne everything-I was living the life, but I lost it all in a fire. Some burgalars came they burnt my dreams to a crisp, the only thing they took was my diamond ring I wore when playing poker. I was outside playing tennis, (I also like to play tennis in my passtime) and my ring was inside my study. They took my ring and then burnt my palace, which meant all my money in my safe was burnt to a crisp, I had lost everything. I had no money, so I came to Monstro City in hope that some day I would make my fortune, I never play poker now because that ring was my lucky ring and I feel no longer lucky. And now you know the story of Sly Chance, of Dodgy Deals.
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    1. NAME IS Sly Chance AND he likes getting uncoman
      things but he hates have to sell hi preshes items

      sly chance was born in the souers and was left mr sly moved here then his mum and dad moved back to soueres

      in his spere time he plays darts with his pet .
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    1. i think he was a very important person envoved with ro but then he lost it all.
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    1. dislikes:people geting his money
      likes: his rat dodgy , his hat and funiture
      he came to monstro city to get funiture waters and glassis
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    1. his name is sly chance

      well he likes dealing stuff and getting peices of furniture

      he hates well anything except 4 his likes
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    1. name:sly chance
      age: old (about 25)

      He likes: rox ,monsters stuff and being in dark rooms

      He dislikes: everything that doesn't like him

      Bio:he came to monstro city when he was about 17 yrs old for the invent a shop comp and decided that he wanted a place to make deals with all the monsters so he tried to win and he won so thats when dodgy deals started
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    1. well he likes you selling things there and he doesent like giving rox to people he should look like one of the other shop keepers atlest with cool stuff on him
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    1. Name: Sly Chance
      Occupation: Dodgy Dealer
      Likes: Rox and items from shops
      Dislikes: Having to pay out too much rox to lucky Moshis

      He came from Tentararctica. A cold island inhabbited by his people........ermmm Tentararcticans. He is a good person and likes trading things for rox cause guese what? He is actually their secret santa. Each Christmas, he takes what he has to his people as pressies but don't tell anyone ok...........shhhhhh
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    1. Name: Sly Chance
      Likes: Getting stuff for free
      Dislikes: Giving rox to other monsters because he was really rich
      Why Did He Come To Monstro City?: Because he was sick of his old place and he decided to move
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      ROARY PLZ CHOOSE MY STORY PLZ.............
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    1. he came to mushi iland to make his fortune was told off the great roxs to be earned!
      There is no great secert to this sly character only his greed for roxs, he dislikes to pay high prices on his chance's cards but loves to win with small pay outs he is mean and moody his only love is for roxs and plenty off them.
      BE WARNED this is a lonely life greed is his down fall his shack is batter and worn as he cant waste roxs to improve it!!
      He sits on the edge of this happy iland wanting to be care free like all mushi monster but wont give up his ROXS to do so as its to great a price to pay.
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    1. he came to monstroe city because he didn't fit in were came from.he loves furniture and dislikes giveing money away
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