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26th May 2019

  • Cap'n Buck Returns From The Gulf Of New Gizmo!

    I was over at The Port this morning washing the dishes in Potion Ocean. What? Agony Ant told me it'd bring me good luck. I'll just have to be sure not to tell Tyra I "seasoned" the dishes with sea salt. Heh. Anyway? Cap'n Buck is HERE!

    Buck took the time to chat with me for a while about his newest booty from The Gulf of New Gizmo:

    RS: Hello Cap'n Buck! How was The Gulf of New Gizmo?

    CB: Everythin' be electrified. 't be shockin'. Nay really shockin'! I got shocked by a Powergranate Tree.

    RS: A Powergranate Tree! I didn't know those really existed!

    CB: They sure do. Th' place kind o' gave me a headache. T' tell ye th' truth, I be really glad t' be aft in Monstro City.

    RS: You mean you might stay longer than just a week?

    CB: Yes. I`d like t' stay fer two tides if ye`ll be havin' me!

    RS: Yeah! This rules! Ok, so tell us what you brought back.

    CB: I canna tell ye. All I can say be that these items all be havin' switches.

    RS: OMG! So they can turn on and off?

    CB: You`ll be havin' t' find ou' fer yersef. Come onto me ship an' be seein' what I be havin' fer sale!

    RS: Ok! I'm SO there. Thanks Cap'n Buck!

    Hurry over to The Port to be one of the firsts to get these electrified gizmos. Don't quote me on this, but I'm pretty sure I saw some BOOMBOXES on the ship. Don't have access to The Port? Find out how you can get it HERE.

    Comment on THIS blog and tell me what your favorite new item is, and a few of you will win a Random Rox prize!

    Thursday's Random Rox winners are kbdude288, swimming890, and sophs121. Friday's Random Rox winners are wonderj, aneekaiscool, and fruitburst8. Saturday's Random Rox winners are mbe2000, ciaraadam, and kamikins3. Sunday's Random Rox winners are cooltm4041, alvak, and lilly071299. Monday's Random Rox winners are horselovegirl22, embems098765, and munchkina6. Whew!

    Keep your eyes at hand...

    Roary Scrawl

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    1. Monstro city rocks
    1. YAY
      Moshi Member!
    1. :'( i can't become a member
    1. oh yay he is back
      Moshi Member!
    1. he has a point
    1. MUY COOL
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    1. OMG YEAH
    1. it is SUPER
    1. OMG!!!!!. Yay he's back.
    1. MUY COOL
    1. cool
    1. he has a point , roarsome that was an amazing short story and i love playing sper moshi missions with him im jst so glad hes back . He Rocks!
      Moshi Member!
    1. captin buck does have a point Monstro city rocks!
    1. roarsome
    1. cool I have his items!
    1. yay he is back ekk omg
    1. YAY
    1. what a amazing story
    1. i love this game
    1. I am so happy he is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. im happy too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. I love Captain Buck he is the nicest monster I have ever met.I would give away all
      my 78 videos just to talk to Captain Buck on the game.I really I meen really glad that amazing captain buck is back .HAPPY!!!!!!!!!
    1. i glad captain buck is back by seriously, why would someone wash their dishes in the ocean??? LOLZ :D
    1. I cant go to the port but capten buck said I can find out how I can with out a membership
    1. GO SUPER MOSHIS YAY GO GO GO!!!!!!!!!
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    1. Well come back CAP'N BUCK
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    1. yay captain buck
    1. well come cap'n buck
    1. this is monster book like it