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22nd April 2018

  • Mother's Day Short Short Story Competition

    Helloooo! Happy Mother's Day (in the US on Sunday). Today we're kicking off our very own Mother's Day Short Short Shtory Contesht. Whoops! My tang got tongueled. Anyway, my mum is VERY short and she also luuuurves stories. So... it just makes sense!

    Here's how to enter:

    * Write a VERY short story (about a paragraph) about an adventure that you'd have with your mum if you could bring her to Monstro City. Where would you take her? What kinds of things would you do?

    * Comment on THIS blog with your VERY short story

    * Stay posted to The Daily Growl to see if you're a winner

    * The prize for this competition is a MOTHER LOAD of Rox

    Yesterday's Random Rox winners are moshipet46, lily88299, and eldalene121.

    Moshi Fun Park Alert! There's an all new game released today, Thin Ice. Make holes in the ice and sink the monsters. Good luck!

    Keep your eyes at hand... and on The Googenheim. There's an all new Art Challenge... Draw the Glumps!

    Roary Scrawl

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    1. We whould join C.L.O.N.C LOL SERISLY WE WHOULD
      Moshi Member!
    1. Once apon a time
      i whould take her to the port and ooh la lane to get ice-scream

      Thea End Of The World
      Sinded Dr:Srange Glove LOL
      Moshi Member!
    1. one me and my mum went walking in monstro city and we went to ice sream and we had so much fun at the under ground disco but then my mum did the disco and everyone started chanted her name moshine moshine moshine it so funny so i joined in the end
    1. TRAPPED IN A PIE!!!!!!!
      On my 9th birthday my mum took me to a place where everybody speaks weirdly. That place is Monstro City. It was very colorful. We saw a giant new shop that had JUST open called the De Monster Pie. We went inside and saw a beautiful giant pie. We walked towards it ignoring the STEP NO FURTHER sign and we got sucked in at closing time a cleaner called Mr Snoodle helped us out. To thank Mr Snoodle we took him to Ooh La La Lane to get an ice cream!
      !THE END!
    1. One day, me and my mom went to Monstro city, we had lots of fun! and played all day with Purdys and Iggys, then we got Ice Scream, and went on Big Buck's pirate ship ~The end~ ♪
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    1. One sunny morning, Mr Snoodle was out for a walk, when he met Katsuma. "will you get some flowers for my mother?" asked Katsuma. Mr Snoodle nodded shyly and got the flowers and went to find Katsuma. he met Zommer on the way and asked if he would send them. Zommer got to Katsuma's house (getting a bit of slop and slime on the flowers) and Katsuma gave the flowers to his mom and she gave him a big sloppy kiss. THE END
    1. I woke up and took my mom to monstro city :P and we turned into katsuma and she got a white fang and a scamp and we became super moshi's :P

      THE END
    1. i woke up early on mothers day. i gave my mom a scavenger hunt leading up 2 a very special present i'd been given. it was magical, but i had no idea what it was. mama pressed a button on it. suddenly, the whole room glowed, sparkled, warped, and swirled. when it all cleared, we were in monstro city! i happenned 2 look in a window and my mouth dropped open. staring back at me were 2 white poppets, 1 big, 1 small. mama and i had turned into poppets! "eee!" i squeeled. i showed mama around monsro city. we fed my moshlings and played the daily challenge. we went shopping and climbed the beanstalk. we had so much fun we decided 2 come every year with the whole family on every holiday!

      the end
    1. I woke up really early. It was mothers day! I gathered all her presents and cards, there as a very unusual one, it was a little gadget with buttons on the said. Mum came down and saw the gadget. She pressed a button and BANG! We appeared in monstro city. I gasped when the monsters looked at us. We weren't humans, we were Moshlings! Mum was coolio and I was willow. I trotted around and saw the gadget on the floor, I reached for it but I had no hands. What would I do? Mum had hands but they were to small, she fell over and hit a button. Mum was poppet and I was luvli. We liked it so we lived in monstro city forever. We made friends and were super moshis! It was amazing.

      The end
      Moshi Member!
    1. I woke up extra early this morning to find that my mum was cleaning my room, i looked at my calender and said "Why are you cleaning my room? Its Mothers day!!" but my mother replied "Because i love you and you are the best thing that ever happened to me..." So now i realise how much I mean to my mother and how much she means to me!!
    1. I woke up at six in the morning and looked at my moshi monster calender it was mothers day. I rushed down stairs to do my mums breakfast then I realized we were out of bread. I put my coat on then I opened the door and ..... I was in Monstro city OMG!!! it was so amazing "MUM!!!" I shouted "What." She replied she looked out of the window and she said, "Where are we?" (by the way she knows nothing about moshi monsters) "We are in Monstro city yipe"I pulled my mum out side she gasped everyone looked at us it all went silence ...... "Yeah! happy mothers day" Everyone shouted. Just then it stared to get dark it was Dr.Strange glove and is evil glumps oh no we all stared running and hiding but never fear are the super moshi's POW! they were out of site. me and my mum had a great day thank yo super moshis
    1. I though it was all a dream, so I woke up called my mom and asked if we could go for a walk I stepped out side and I was I Monstro city! All I really need to tell you three things. One BEST DAY EVER!!! Two LIVE YOUR LIFE I MONSTRO CITY and last but certainly not least Three My Mom ROCKS!! I LOVE MY MOM!!!
    1. Me and my mom met katsuma then we went to the gogenhim then we ate some glumpcakes and had green and it made us barf so eating barfmellows doesn't help
    1. Roary scrawl have a happy mothers day
    1. As I woke up in the morning I looked around i realised something: It was mothers day! I took my mum outside and gasped... it had turned into Monstro city overnight! First we went to the ice scream parlour and had ice scream for a great mother's day breakfast. Then we went to horrods and spent our rox. We bought some rare items for the house, including an arm chair, an 18 carat shiny parrot and the Ultimate Treasure. Oops! I got pranked! We then shared the picnic on main street for lunch and went and bought a nutz and boltz chair in the bizzare bazaar. We looked around some more and then found Elder Furi. He asked us to go on a mission to find Buster Bumblechops' missing moshling egg. We found it in Dr.Strangeglove's lair deep in the woods. We went to the grossery store afterwards and bought bangers and mash then roarberry cheesecake for dessert. Monsterlicious!
    1. my bro killed my mum but i made her come alive we whent down oh la la lane but got snached by clonc but got out of the ship in time before it exploed and we live happly ever the end
    1. I brought my mammy to the Puzzle Palace. There, we used our magical forces of power to reveal most answers. We then enjoyed a luxourious cuppa and a ginger biscuit smoothie. After that I told her about my new moshlings, Pooky and Snookums. We saw a movie in Growlema, the cinema, and it was called The Great Custard Flood Survivors. I made a nice lemon cake for Mammy and we watched Family Fortunes. On the train we went to Mammy's house to sleep. The end.
    1. Hey Rory have a good mothers day
    1. today me and my mum went to horrods we spent all our rox o well i will get some more next we went to the bleurgh beach there we saw jeepers my mum thought jeepers was going to eat her because he is a tiger i told her he was a nice tiger then doctor strange glove came i said you should be more afraid of him mum picked up jeepers and we ran away from doctor strange glove after we out ran him i took my mum to tyras spa to end the day
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    1. I took my mum to my house first and she would stay in while i bought seeds to catch sooki-yaki. Then we would go to the art gallery and admire art. Mum loves art. Then we would go shopping down in Horrods and then go to the ice scream store. At the end we go to Tyra's spa and make her look gorgeous. When we get back the plants have grown and mum takes home her very own sooki-yaki!
    1. i would take her um......
      moshi monsters ROX
    1. I would get her a moshling! Her best pip
      Moshi Member!
    1. I would like to take my mum into moshi street so we might be able to see the other
      Moshi Shishi so I can get my mum to stop being scared of panders especially
      When Shishi is here because she is friendly.
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    1. I would take my mom to the cinema then take her to a pawsome restront and then stay up late and give her cakes and hugs also I will make her happy and let her have a lye in
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    1. add me to see my amazing story about how bug and ratty met
    1. I would put a blindfold on her and take her to Gift Island and get her lots of presents then we would go to the shopping mall and she would bye whatever she wants, then we would go to Puzzle Palace so she would get some Rox to spend then to end the day take her to the Moshi Fun Park, after we get tired we will go home and she would sleep in the comfiest bed in the whole of Monstro City.In the morning I would take her to Tyra's Spa and give her the best make-over she could ever have...

      I hope she would love this day!
    1. Um.... I would post it later I have to go bye!
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    1. I would say Happy Mother's Day first then we would go to Gift Island so my mom could choose her gift then we would go to the Market Place and buy some clothes. Then Tyra`s Spa. After that we would go to the port and have fun there. Last we would go to Bleurgh Beach and see the sunset then we would go home and sleep with my monster and moshlings!
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